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Thanks to its innovative releases, Spribe has carved a name for itself in the igaming industry. This article explores everything about the Spribe organisation, current trends in online gaming, including its most popular games and the security features it has implemented for players’ protection.

Last Update:

ℹ️ DeveloperSpribe OÜ
👑 CEODavid Natroshvili
💻 Websitehttps://spribe.co/
📅 Year of Launch2018
📭 Offices AddressKlovskyi descent, 7а
Kyiv, Ukraine
Kivila street 5-118, 13917,
Tallinn, Estonia
Hrubieszowska 6b,01-209,
Warsaw, Poland
35B Nino Ramishvili St,
Tbilisi, Georgia
🎰 GamesTurbo Games, Poker,
Skill games, Slots
💳 Contacts[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
🌐 Social MediaLinkedIn

Spribe is one of an innovative casino games provider with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine.

With an emphasis on delivering unique and engaging experiences, its games feature cutting-edge elements. These specialise on multiplayer animation options and social components, which set them apart from competitors.

The provider gained fame for Spribe Aviator, a fast-paced crash online casino game with creative design and the potential to payout massive sums. Aviator’s gaming format is one-of-a-kind, and it serves as an inspiration for other crash titles.

Besides Spribe Aviator, the provider has other impressive titles in its portfolio. These range from table games, like dice to roulette and other turbo options, all of which offer exciting experiences.


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Spribe History

The Spribe Gaming Company began operations at the gambling scene in November 2018. Here’s a timeline of its achievements to date:

November 2018

The Spribe company founded.

The first casino, which started to integrate Spribe’s high-quality games, was the Adjarabet, one of the biggest online casinos in Georgia igaming market.

January 2019

The top Spribe slot Aviator goes live, as a pioneer new kind of social multiplayer.

April 2019

It launched its P2P online gambling options.

May 2019

The company launched the first batch of turbo incredible games.

November 2019

Spribe received its first certification.

February 2020

The management team makes its first appearance at the ICE London.

November 2020

The classic casino Poker goes live.

December 2020

The company acquired licences, including the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Commission (MGC).

Spribe Games

The Spribe game company is relatively new in the gambling industry when compared to some software providers. Regardless, it offers a wide decent collection of new generation options, and they include the following:

Turbo Games

In this category, there are several high-quality online games from the developer available to players, all of which have an RTP of 97%. We will explain them below:


This Spribe game plays out on a virtual field where land mines and stars are carefully hidden. Your goal is to open as many stars as possible while avoiding the land mines, as they blow up the field. It comes with an autoplay function and other customizable features.

Mini Roulette

Based on standard roulette, this game revolves around predicting where the ball will land after a spin. The wheel has 12 red and black segments. You could place stakes on individual numbers, groups of numbers, or the color of the segment where the ball will land.


With its outstanding graphics and layout, Dice is one of the simplest Spribe game. Your aim is to predict if the dice results will be more or less than a specific number. Before placing bets, you can set the number you want. The higher the chance number, the better your payout.


In this Spribe casino game, you bet on whether the number on the next card will be higher or lower than the one displayed. This simplified version of the original Hi-Lo lets you wager on three cards consecutively instead of one. You could easily cash out your real money after each correct guess.


Based on the well-known American show, Plinko is a simple game where a puck determines your payout. The gaming process involves clicking on a red, yellow, or green button. A ball corresponding to your chosen color falls from above and lands in the multiplier section. Players may adjust the number of pins the ball hits, which increases the difficulty level and the corresponding multiplier.


This is a lottery-style game that begins with you choosing numbers from 1–36. You could do this manually or use the “random” button. Once you place your bet, the system randomly selects your numbers. If your number matches those that were picked, you get a payout based on the multiplier attached to it.

Hotline Poker

In Hotline poker, you simply choose if the puck will land on a black or red card. You can take the stakes up a notch by playing in high-risk mode, where two cards must be the color you chose before you win. The high-risk version has lower odds of winning, but the payout is massive.


This is a more interactive option with immersive experience compared to other titles. Here, your aim is to get your ball to the other end of the field. It starts with you placing a wager, then choosing the box in the column you want the ball to appear in. Your ball must not land on a bomb, or the game ends.


Aviator Game is the provider’s one of the newest flagship title, with simple gameplay and outstanding mechanics. It’s a Provably fair game where you place a stake and watch an airplane fly across the screen. The longer the plane stays on the screen, the higher the increasing curve that can crash anytime. You must cash out before the plane fly away.

Poker & Skill Games

If you want Spribe’s games that require a certain level of skill and strategy, take your pick from different options of casino table games. These, the best Spribe titles, include a spin mode and a tournament system to make them more engaging. Below are the available popular online casino skill titles:


Backgammon is a board game played on a unique layout with 24 triangles, called points. Each player moves their 15 checkers according to dice rolls, aiming to knock them off the board. Bettors can hit and block their opponent’s checkers. The first to bear off all their checkers wins.


Played by 2-6 gamblers, Bura is a simple card game. The goal is to score at least 31 points by the end of the session. It starts with each person placing an ante, after which the dealer deals 3 or 5 cards to each person, depending on the variant being played.


The provider brings the thrill of poker to your device. You can enjoy it on desktops and customize the layout to suit your preferences. For mobile users, poker is compatible with smartphones and tablets. There’s no native Spribe app, but you can access it via your casino’s igaming software.


Domino is a classic tile-based game for 2–4 gamblers. Start by shuffling the dominoes face down and distributing a specific number to each person. The first bettor places a domino on the table, and the next player matches one end with a corresponding domino. If a player cannot match, they pass their turn. The winner is the first to use all their tiles.


This is a card game where you aim to win the full pot by having the best hand. Like poker, it’s played with a standard deck of 52 cards. This game is compatible with mobile devices. You don’t have to complete a Spribe app download, but you play via the casino’s gaming platform. 


Players can rest easy when playing Spribe igaming products because they are created with quality software. In addition to having eye-catching and smooth graphics, each one was built with a random number generator. As such, it’s impossible to manipulate the result of every betting round. So, you enjoy a fair casino experience.

Its turbo gaming options are also built on the Provably fair system, which lets you verify their integrity. Spribe is also a licensed igaming software development company. This proves that its titles are safe, and its operations are legal. 

Final Thoughts

New players looking for a fun and exciting gaming experience will enjoy the best casino solutions. Spribe offers a variety range of games and service, like popular casino slots online for real money, live dealer games and creates high-quality engagement tools for gambling business.

You could choose from instant-win options like top-notch Spribe Aviator betting and Hotline Poker or options like Seka that require in-game skill.

Whichever option you choose, there’s the potential to cash out substantial amounts.

Simply register and deposit at a Spribe casino to start playing.