Aviator Demo Mode: Play for Free

Hone your skills, develop new strategies, and play the exciting Aviator crash game for free in demo mode!

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Aviator is a popular innovative betting game in the gambling world that offers punters an exciting way to win big. Want to play the Aviator and to know more before committing real cash? This guide explores the world of Aviator’s demo mode, covering how to get started to play the game, its advantages, and features.

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Aviator is a new engaging social multiplayer game developed by Spribe. The Aviator online casino game utilizes the crash mechanics that have become increasingly popular in online gambling due to its simplicity.

Aviator’s gambling game concept is straightforward — you place bets on a virtual plane’s flight and cash out before it randomly flies away. As the plane flies, a payout multiplier keeps increasing from x1 and stops when you cash out or when it disappears from the screen. The higher the multiplier, the bigger the payout.

Like most online casino games, Spribe offers the demo version that punters can play the Aviator game without risking their bankroll. This game for free allows punters to get familiar with the game and test different betting strategies before playing for money at almost any online casino.

Aviator fun mode

The game demo mode features an intuitive gameplay that is easy to understand, even for beginners. Now, let’s explore how to try the game Aviator free play mode and all demo slot advantages!

Fun mode of the Aviator game (screenshot)

Start your experience

Playing the Aviator slot game demo starts with finding where to access it. Many online casinos offer the Aviator game demo mode on their website. Punters can also find the Aviator game practice mode at Spribe official website, the game developer, and some other gambling-related platforms.

You can launch the Spribe game free play once you find the platform you want to use. Your next step would be to place your desired bets for the next upcoming round, which always starts in 5 seconds after the previous one. Thankfully, the “Cash Out” button on the Spribe Aviator demo is deliberately large to aid your decision on when to collect your prize on the current round.


A noteworthy fact about the Aviator Spribe free slot is that it offers dual free bets functionality. This means that you can place a bet or two separate bets simultaneously during any game round. The two green buttons under the game screen engage the bets. You can enter the amount manually or use the “+” and “-“ buttons in the bet section to adjust your wagers appropriately.

Another helpful detail about the demo version of the game is that it has control functions for autoplay and auto cash-out. The autoplay function allows you to place bets automatically for up to 100 rounds with win and loss limits, while the auto cash out withdraws your prizes by itself once the multiplier reaches a particular point. With these auto functions, you don’t need to actively monitor the Aviator demo account when playing.


Asides simplicity, another reason for the popularity of the free game is some interesting features are available in the demo version. These include live statistics, live bets, and round history.

  • Live bets: The live bets panel on the game left side of the screen (or under the bet section on mobile) shows the current bets placed by all active punters.
  • Live statistics:  The in-game statistics module shows the huge wins, biggest wins, and highest multipliers triggered in the Aviator slot during the day, month, and year.
  • Round history: At the top of the screen, you will find the round history feature. This feature displays the multipliers results of the game reached during the last few rounds.

advantages of the Demo

Playing Aviator online demo comes with many advantages that punters can enjoy. This includes:

Getting familiar with the rules and gameplay:

One of the biggest advantages of the Aviator casino slot for free is that it provides a risk-free environment for gamblers to get acquainted with the game mechanics, rules, interface, and payout structure. With this, you can get hands-on experience with the game online and practice for as long as you want before you start playing with real money.

Cash out early:

There’s no harm in waiting for big multipliers, but these are riskier than smaller values. That’s why we advise do not be greedy and cash out when the multiplier is still between 1.01x and 1.80x.

Use player’s strategy:

You can monitor other players’ gameplay of different strategies and develop a suitable strategy based on gaming experience of advanced Aviator players, who make reviews of many online casinos.

Fun Version: Strategies

While there is no way to guarantee a win in the demo game version of Aviator slot machine in one bet, there are strategies that you can employ to improve your chances for better profit.

Minimal Risk

This minimal risk strategy in the Aviator game demo involves a conservative approach by placing smaller bets and smaller multipliers for moderate payouts. Doing this ensures a player minimizes the risk of incurring significant losses and maximizes their winning potential in the long run.

High Risk

Often used by adventurous players, the high-risk strategy of the Aviator in demo mode focuses on placing larger bets and targeting higher multipliers for the maximum payout. However, going this route also increases the risk of significant losses, so approach it cautiously if you decide to play the casino Aviator game’s real money version.

Demo mode: Advices

If you are new to the Aviator casino demo game, starting with smaller bet sizes is advisable. You can increase the bet before the plane start its flight as you get more familiar with the gameplay and mechanics of the game. Maintaining proper bankroll management by setting and sticking to a budget is also important in online gambling industry and gaming.

Since, it is possible to use the demo for free, you should explore the features of the online different betting strategies to find the one that suits you best and take advantage of the Aviator demo.

Real Mode vs Demo mode

Although the Aviator demo slot and its real money version feature the same game mechanics and gameplay, they have some differences.

The table below shows a comparison between Aviator’s real and demo modes.

Real Money Mode

Utilizes real funds for bets

Real financial risk involved

Real prizes possible

In-game chat feature available

Learning gameplay would be expensive

Demo Free Mode

Utilizes virtual free credits

No real risk involved

Virtual profit only

In-game chat feature is not available

Provides an opportunity to explore different betting strategies

Fun Mode overall

The Aviator demo version of the game provides a fantastic opportunity for punters to explore and enjoy the machine in a risk-free environment. This mode of the game is accessible for punters to get familiar with the dynamics, test strategies, and find their unique approach to betting before gaming for real money.

Try the Aviator Demo!



How to play the Aviator demo game?

Visit any online casino that offers the Aviator game from Spribe and select the “Play Demo” option. You can then enjoy the gameplay with virtual free credits for as long as you want.

What is the trick to win Aviator?

There is no guaranteed trick to win the Aviator game as it operates on provably fair technology, which ensures random number generator outcomes in every round. However, you can implement some proven strategies to increase your winning chances.

Is the game Aviator real or fake?

Aviator is a real online slot game developed by Spribe that offers both demo and game for real money modes. Unlike the play for real money, the Aviator demo mode utilizes virtual currencies. But the gameplay and game mechanics are the same and it allows you to play free.

Can we really earn money from Aviator?

Yes. Any player can win real money while playing the Aviator casino game. But you must play the real money version of the game to earn profits. If play Aviator demo, it will not pay out real money.