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If you’re curious about the verification mechanism that makes Aviator reliable, you’re on the right page. Our comprehensive guide provides insights into the provably fair technology for game results of gambling sites.

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What Is Provably Fair?

Trust is the cornerstone of any iGaming experience, especially at online casinos. Players need assurance that the games they participate in are safe, free from manipulation, and conducted with integrity. That’s why Spribe created Aviator with a Provably fairness system.

This is a groundbreaking concept that employs cryptographic codes to mathematically demonstrate the fairness and random number generation of each betting outcome of the game. The engine provides users with variables that they can use to confirm the result’s fairness of that gaming round. With this, they are confident that the casino can’t manipulate it.


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Provably Fair Algorithm

For you to understand how the provably fair technology works, we have broken the check process down as follows:


The provably fair gaming employs SHA-256, a similar hashed server seed function as Bitcoin gambling. These take data, which includes the casino’s server and the player’s client seed. Using these, the algorithm generates a unique and encrypted hash, which serves as the game’s outcome. The encrypted nature of the innovation allows players to ensure that the results of the game are entirely unpredictable.


Three components are essential: 

  • The server seed Aviator, which the casino generates and keeps encrypted.
  • Client combination that the gamblers can generate manually or have the online gambling sites create it for them.
  • A cryptographic value that goes to zero if the server combination is also null. It increases with every bet.

In Practice

In practical terms, provably fair systems operate as follows: 

  • Before each draw, the casino provides the server seed while punters pick theirs.
  • The two combinations are then imputed using the cryptographic codes. This produces a hashed option that represents the entire game outcomes.

The user gets an encryption algorithm of the client combination that they use to verify the gaming process authenticity.


For this process, players input their chosen or generated client seed, along with the revealed server combination, into the same algorithm. This independent process generates a hash that should precisely match the casino’s revealed product. A successful match means that the game fair online round is honest, with no immutability or bias involved.

Provably Fair Casinos Vs Traditional Online Casinos

For a provably fair game, the provider employs algorithms, enabling players always check the results independently. This fairness of the game builds trust, as they confirm that the game is working with no third party influencing the results. 

In contrast, simple casinos lack such innovation. As a result, there are non-verifiable outcomes and scepticism from users.

The table below displays the difference between both options in the gaming industry:

Provably Fair Casino

Utilizes the technology to confirm the integrity of betting rounds.

Earns trust through transparent and verifiable gameplay.

Helps online gamblers easily identify trustworthy of casinos.

Traditional Online Casino

Lacks this innovation, making wagering outcomes non-verifiable by players.

May face scepticism due to a lack of openness.

Platforms without these options are subject to more scrutiny.

The System Popularity

The provably fairness algorithm is gaining momentum in the casino industry because of its advantages over traditional platforms. These include:


One major reason why this mechanism has become quite popular is its emphasis on transparency’s honesty. Thanks to technology, one could easily identify if a round was indeed random. This provides a level playing field for all bettors. It also fosters trust between players and casinos, creating a sense of added layer of security and confidence in the gaming experience.

Low Bet Rate

The system caters to gamblers with varying budgets as it allows for low bets. This inclusivity attracts a wider audience, enabling punters to participate in Provably Fair games without significant financial risks. Plus, placing lower stakes doesn’t affect your chances of landing massive odds of winning when playing.

Game Quality

It is clear to see, that this technology upholds high quality standards. With this option in place, it’s impossible for a malicious or fraudulent party to manipulate the outcome. Since the product of each round is verifiable, players receive confidence and an unbiased gaming experience.

Provably Fair Games

Provably Fair casino games are quite new, so the collection of titles using the technology isn’t large. Nevertheless, there are a good number of gaming options to entertain you. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

Plinko by Spribe

the blue gameplay with white dots and number in triangle shape with the name plinko

This involves betting and waiting for a puck to fall from above to the multiplayer layer below. Your win depends on the multiplier value.

Magnify Man by Fugaso

dark blue gameplay with flying man and name magnify man

Bettors simply place stakes and wait for Magnify Man to take off. The longer the superhero stays in the air, the higher your payout.

Cricket X by Smartsoft

the dark gameplay with planets and a spaceship on it and name cricketx in the corner

It involves placing bets and waiting for the cricketer to bat the ball into the air. You simply have to withdraw before the ball bursts.

Aviator Provably Fair

the green backgroung with Provably Fair algorythm scheme

The slot is Spribe’s flagship title that incorporates verification technology. It revolves around an airplane that takes off after the betting round. A player must cash out their winnings before the plane flies off the screen. With the verification procedures, punters generate combinations that they will use to check if that round was impartial.

You find the transparency checker by clicking the green tick icon at the bottom of the gaming window. To find the combination for the next betting round, click on the menu option and tap on “provably fair settings.” You then copy the combination and use it to verify the result.

Hacking Tools

If you’re looking for a hack, you won’t find one. That’s because the system operates with encryption technology that makes it impossible to manipulate.

dark background with security icons

This allows for verifiable processes and preserves the game’s integrity. Instead of searching for such apps, learn simple tips that will help to win more.

Final Thoughts

The technology instils trust in an online casino’s offerings. It’s codes and independent verification process provide players with confidence in the products and that the players are in the fair casino. The technology enhances gamblers’ satisfaction, promotes a level playing field, and contributes to an enjoyable gaming experience.



How To Win Provably Fair?

There’s no predetermined way to win with this innovation. You only have to follow the set rules for a chance to cash out.

How Provably Fair Calculator Works?

The Provably Fair Calculator uses cryptographic codes to verify the fairness of online games. Players can input combinations and hashes to independently confirm outcomes.

Is The Provably Fair Available in Apps?

Yes, the system can work in mobile apps, providing the same transparency and trust as on web-based platforms.

Who Created Aviator Game?

Spribe developed it.  The gaming software company is famous for creating innovative and entertaining online gambling products.